10. Generation

741.     Hussey, Ann
geb. Bourne, Lincoln, England 21.08.1724;
gest. Rotterdam 18.02.1770
Q: 1. Nederlands Patriciaat, 33.Jg.,1947, S.278;
verh. Saint Clement, Norwich, Norfolk, England 22.04.1744 (Batch M04825-1-Familysearch)
( lt. Batch I04247-4-Familysearch verh. in St. Mary’s, Thetford, Norfolk, 22.04.1744)

740.    Twiss, Francis Richardsz;
1742 Bürger u. Kaufmann in Rotterdam
geb. Beccles, Suffolk, England 22.10.1716;
gest. Norwich, Norfolk, England 01.11.1777

1) Twiss, Richard; Schriftsteller; get. Rotterdam 25.05.1747;
gest. Rotterdam 26.04.1821

2) Twiss, Anne; get. Rotterdam 19.10.1751

3) Twiss, Sarah; get. Rotterdam 27.02.1754; gest. Rotterdam vor 1762

4) Twiss; Francis; get. Rotterdam 25.09.1755

5) Twiss; Ann; get. Rotterdam 21.11.1756; gest. Rotterdam 25.11.1756

6) Twiss, Francis; get. Rotterdam 05.04.1759;
gest. Chaltenham, England 28.04.1827
verh. vor 1779
Kemble, Frances (Fanny); geb. 1759; gest. 01.10.1822

7) Twiss, Robert; Kaufmann; geb. Rotterdam 15.03.1760;
get. Rotterdam, Englsch-Episcop., Kerk 10.04.1760; gest. Rotterdam 19.11.1829
verh. Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England   .03.1785
Scott, Mary; geb. Norwich, England 06.04.1767; gest. Rotterdam 20.01.1836

8) Twiss, Sarah; get. Rotterdam 26.08.1762



  • The Hussey Millennium Manuscript Section Index (Gowen Research Foundation)
    A collection of detailed notes on Hussey families, from the 11th century onwards; the medieval and early modern English material is in the items numbered up to about 10. There are some odd statements about the Norman origins of the family, and it looks as though material from much later pedigrees is included, as well as record evidence, so this should be used with care