286.3. Soltau, Georg Wilhelm


286.3.  Soltau, Georg Wilhelm
Sohn von Martin Wilhem Soltau, Kaufmann und Bürgermeister in Bergedorf,
und Engel Margaretha Schumacher
Kaufmann in London.
get. Bergedorf 13.04.1748;
gest. London 14.12.1790
„er starb zu früh für alle diejenigen, denen er theuer war, den 14.ten Dec.1790“ (Q3)
verh.             19.05.1773
Hodgson, Ann
Tochter von William Hodgson
geb. London, UK. 10.08.1754 (Q3)
gest. Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick, UK. 02.12.1829
begr. St Mary Bothaw, London, UK

Georg Wilhelm Soltau nannte sich in England George William Soltau, ging als junger
Kaufmann nach England. wo er in einer Partnerschaft mit Paul Amsinck jr. einen Handel
betrieb. Nach vier Jahren trennten sich die beiden wieder und Soltau hat nie wieder eine
Partnerschaft mit anderen Kaufleuten aufgenommen. Er bevorzugte allein oder mit Angestellten
zu arbeiten. (Q1)
„He was made a citizen of England by Special Act signed by King George III in 1777; He
married Ann Hodgson May 19, 1773; Ann left a will naming three children – William, George,
and Sophia Amelia – the last two deceased. “ (Q2)

 ANN SOLTAU seems to have become known as ANNA later in her life. ANNA’s father, WILLIAM HODGSON was a warehouseman and wine merchant of 9, Bush Lane, Cannon Street, London, and is listed as such in the commercial directories for 1770 and 1775. A WILLIAM HODGSON married ELIZABETH BOWERS on 6 June 1745 at St Helen’s, Bishopsgate, but as yet we have not been able to positively identify these as ANNA’s parents. ANNA was born in 1757.

Following GEORGE’s untimely death in 1790, ANNA continued her husband’s merchant business, helped by her late husband’s close friend and former book-keeper, NICHOLAS ALBERT MARTINIUS. The London Directory for 1795 lists the business as: “SOLTAU, George William’s Widow & Co.” In 1809 they were trading under the name “Soltau, Martinius & Gottau”. [Ref: Univ of Illinois – Emmanuel H Brandt Collection – London Merchant of Hamburg]

When ANNA’s two sons, GEORGE and WILLIAM, reached adulthood, they took over the business from their mother, and she left Suffolk Lane, probably in the early 1800s. By 1817, THOMAS MOULE, wine and spirit merchant, is listed in the P.O.London Directory at 1 Suffolk Lane, and “SOLTAU, G.W. & Co. , merchants” is listed at 15, St Helen’s Place, London.

After GEORGE’s death in 1790, ANNA continued to live at 1, Suffolk Lane, Cannon Street, with the three children, GEORGE then aged 15, WILLIAM 12 and SOPHIA AMELIA 11. When the children had grown up and married, ANNA moved out to Strand-on-the-Green in Chiswick, and there she remained until her death. She outlived her husband by about 39 years, dying on 2 December 1829, at the age of 72, at Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick, where she had been living with an unmarried grandchild, FRANCES AMELIA HARRISON. She was buried in the same vault as her late husband, at St Mary Bothaw.


1. Soltau, Georg
Kaufmann in London
geb.         01.08.1775
gest.  Ridgeway, Plympton 18.05.1819 ;  begr. Plympton St Mary. 25.05.1819
verh. Devon, UK 03.09.1800
Symons, Elizabeth Maria
Tochter von William Symons
eb.  Chaddlewood, Plympton St Mary, Devon, UK  um 1785
gest.           17.01.1837

Following their marriage in 1800, GEORGE and ELIZABETH MARIA SOLTAU lived initially at 1, Suffolk Lane, Cannon Street, London until about 1809. They then made the move down to Plymouth in Devon, where they lived in Breton Side. They also acquired a house in the country, at Ridgeway Lodge, Plympton St Mary, in about 1816.

Meantime GEORGE traded as a merchant with his brother WILLIAM under the name “GEORGE and WILLIAM SOLTAU & CO”, both from 2, Green Lettuce lane, Cannon Street, London and from 15, St Helen’s Place, Bishopsgate, London. He also traded separately under the names WIDOW SYMONS & SON, and SYMONS SOLTAU & CO

GEORGE became a member of Plymouth Town Council, and was greatly interested in local philanthropic work, and most particularly in the Plymouth Free School.

“GEORGE SOLTAU, gent of Ridgeway”, Plympton died aged 43 on 18 May 1819 and was buried on 25 May 1819 at Plympton St Mary. Officiating Minister Wm COPPARD.

An extract from the “Diaries of Henry Woollcombe II, 1818-1825” reads “friend Soltau seriously ill, – has been to Plympton but could not stay. News that his friend has been taken worse – hurries to Ridgeway by postchaise – found him insensible and in great pain – stayed with him into the night – called back into the sick room 6am, lingered until late afternoon he died”.

In Plympton St Mary church there is a memorial inscribed:

“This tablet is erected by a sorrowing mother to the memory of a beloved son, George Soltau Esq., who died the 18th May 1819 in the 43rd year of his age. His early piety and active benevolence prompted him to a faithful discharge of his duties as became a man and a Christian, and prepared him in the prime of Life to meet his Saviour and his God. “Go thou and do likewise”

2. Soltau, William
geb.  09.02.1778

3. Soltau, Sophia Amelia
geb.   17.12.1779


Im Tagebuch des Dietriech Wilhelm Soltau ist im Anhang auf Seite 2 vermerkt:  (Q3)

G e o r g  W i l h e l m  S o l t a u
verheirathet den 19 May 1770 mit Misz  A n n  H o d g s o n
(geb. den 10 Aug. 1754). Er starb, zu früh für alle diejenigen, denen er theuer war, den 14.ten Decr. 1790
G e o r g e,  gebohren den  1 Aug. 1775
W i l l i a m,  geb. den 9 Febr. 1778.
S o p h i a  A m e l i a,  geb. den 17 Decr. 1779

Das Jahr der Heirat – 1770- ist sicherlich falsch übertragen worden. 1773 ist richtig.


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